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Convenient Termite Control

We're With You Until the End

If you need assistance in termite control in Henderson, NC, trust only Branch Exterminating Co., Inc. We provide comprehensive termite control services, which means we will be on your side from termite pretreatment until the very end. In no time, you will have a great time inside your home or office that is free of pests again.

We Locate and Demolish the Source

As pest control specialists, we are well aware of how thorough our services should be. This is why in every pest control project we have, we see to it that we locate where the pests are coming from. This way, we can address the root of all issues. Whether it is a decayed wooden walls that now serves as a breeding ground for termites, or some ant hill somewhere at your backyard, we will destroy it for you.

Make Your Space a Better Place

No matter how pretty your home or commercial establishment is, if there are pests lurking around the corners of it, you won't be able to say it is a great place to be in. Just imagine all the risks. To begin with, pests can pose serious threats to your health. They can also be the cause of your property's gradual or speedy deterioration. Protect your space and make it a better place. Call us at 252-438-6985 or fill out the online contact form to send in your inquiries.