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Dependable Insect Control


We Defend Your Property from Pests

For dependable insect control in Henderson, NC, get in touch with Branch Exterminating Co., Inc. We also offer moisture barrier construction. We do not just help you get rid of the harmful pests inside your home or business, we also see to it that their source is gone.

Save Bucks on Pest Control Services

Pest control should be a regular part of your building's maintenance. You should have it inspected on a regular basis, so you would know if there are already pests inside your space. This way, you won't just avoid the health issues caused by pests, you can also avoid damage pests usually leave. It is a great way to avoid costly home and office repairs.

Let Professionals Extinguish Those Pests

If you are having problems with your home or commercial establishment because it is being infested by some unwanted animals or insects, approach us immediately. Through our advanced techniques and effective materials, we will remove all of them for you. Give us a call today and learn more about our services.
Pest Control Worker Spraying Pesticides in Henderson, NC