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Reliable Pest Control Contractor

Experts in Bee Treatment and More

Choose only a reliable pest control contractor in Henderson, NC like Branch Exterminating Co., Inc. We specialize in carpenter bee treatment among others. Whatever kind of harmful pest is lurking around your home or commercial space, expect that we can give you a hand. We will exterminate those unwanted visitors the right way.

Our Pest Control Services Are:

  • Child Safe
  • Eco Friendly
  • Pet Safe

Services Locations:

  • Franklin County, NC
  • Granville County, NC
  • Vance County, NC
  • Wake County, NC
  • Warren County, NC
Pest_Free_Home - Carpenter bee treatment in Henderson, NC

Trusted for Over 50 Years

We have been in business for over five decades. Over these years, we are proud to say we have managed to be at the top of the game. This is all possible through our team of highly-skilled and dedicated pest control experts. Besides our perseverance and genuine concerns for our clients, we also see to it that we make use of the best pest control practices and solutions in town.

Let Us Work Hand in Hand

Are you still worried about the unwanted insects and animals that make your home or retail space a less ideal place to be in? Put your worries away for we are here to help you. Through our expertise in pest control, we will get rid of those pests immediately. Call us at 252-438-6985 for more information.